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Israel Biryukov
Israel Biryukov

Download Pink Floyd Shine On You Crazy Diamond - The Song That Changed Rock Music Forever

Lihaaz has provided us with a beautiful edit of the classic "Shine on you crazy diamond" by Pink Floyd. We are honoured to add this beauty in our Free Download catalogue. @husasoundswww.husasounds.comDownload for free on The Artist Union

download pink floyd shine on you crazy diamond

in that last instrument folder you should see folder's that say Bass,Drum Kit,Drum Machine ect. just put in there and open up logic create a new software instrument and you should see it on the left with your instrument library window.You could also make your own folder and call it whatever you like so you can put all your patches you make or download.You cant just click on the patch it has to be put in that folder.Also i hope it does work with Logic 9,i made the patch with just the instruments that came with it like the EXS24,ES2 and Retro Synth.I gave you a screen shot of it.Ive also done Have a cigar and found some good floyd settings if you want shots of those or any thing floyd related id help you out.The EXS24 has a preset called Wish 75 it sounds like the lead synth in have a cigar.Its under synthesizers/synth leads


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