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Mr. Romance By Louisa Masters

When people look at me, romance is the last thing they think of... but I'm still the first person they call. Need a first date planned? A big romantic moment? Gotta beg for forgiveness? I'm your man. When it comes to romance, I've got it handled.

Mr. Romance by Louisa Masters

But now I'm somehow Charlie Martin's anti-romance consultant. Charlie, who's completely clueless yet the most accepting and friendly person I've ever met. Who's giving and generous. Who's befriended me and wants me to be happy.

What an amazing story!! It had everything a person can ask from a short story: romance, heat, humor, inappropriate use of Christmas cookies and a very, VERY interesting interpretation of what Santa does. Whether you've read the first book in the Hidden Species series or not, this story will give you enough insight into the amazing world building and creative lore Louisa imagined. The characters are hilarious and the story is a very feel-good, holiday romance set in a world of supernatural quirks and foibles and we absolutely adored every word of it.

A delightful, witty, and sexy short in the Hidden Species world, where we meet old and new characters. Action, fun, and romance all the way, I loved the banter between cute, protective Mark and the sexy, lively incubus Neil, with all his uninhibited enhancement-ing! Lots of entertaining world-building and nuggets of info about the species, even in a shorter book. Hellhounds are my new BFFs LOL.

I Do not know how it is, Harold, but, notwithstanding my general disregard of women, you have interested me strangely in favour of Miss Mildmay; and this unaccountable delicacy of your's in breaking off with a lady, merely because she has given you the most convincing proof of her affection, is what, in my opinion, savours considerably more of romance than of real understanding. To embrace a certain misery for fear of a misfortune which is never likely to happen, may perhaps, make you the hero of a very pretty novel; but must, in actual life, expose you to the unremiting ridicule of every body who is trusted with your secret: however, as the die [Page 122] is irrecoverably cast, and as I do not see that the generous girl could be prevailed upon to have you, were you even to sneak back to her father's house in as pitiful a manner as you left it, I shall throw away as few of my reflections as possible, upon a fellow who acts in manifest repugnance to the sentiments both of his reason and his honour; and is willing to become a rascal in the eyes of the wise and the worthy, for fear the ignorant or the profligate should set him down as a fool.

I subsequently learned some of the above facts from other sources. Mrs. Littlemore toldme very nearly the words and substance of the foregoing, voluntarily. I think I remarkedthat I would write a romance, but the recital of the facts are as tragic, and asimprobable as the most improbable romance that ever was written "Truth is strangerthan fiction."

Heyer published 56 books over the next 53 years, until her death from lung cancer in 1974. Heyer's large volume of works included Regency romances, mysteries and historical fiction. Known as the Queen of Regency romance, Heyer was legendary for her research, historical accuracy and her extraordinary plots and characterizations. Her last book, My Lord John, was published posthumously in 1975. She was married to George Ronald Rougier, a barrister, and they had one son, Richard.

Part road romance and all romp, this delicious comedy of manners is filled with adventure and fun, and Heyer's superb wit and humor, Once you begin this page-turning delight, you will not be able to put it down!— Deborah Hosey

Featuring Lieutenant Eve Dallas, Remember When blends present-day romance and futuristic suspense in a thrilling two-part novel that combines the incomparable talents of two #1 New York Times 041b061a72


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