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Entire Collection Of

1.1 The West Orange Public Library ("The Library") maintains a varied collection of DVDS for the use of its patrons. The Library permits borrowng of it's DVDs solely for noncommercial, private use. Federal law imposes severe civil and criminal penalties for unauthorized reproduction, distribution, and exhibition of copyrighted videocassettes or DVDs.

Entire Collection of

1.5 Patrons are responsible for the full retail replacement cost of each lost DVD. Patrons who fail to return DVDs in the rental collection within eight (8) weeks will be responsible for the full retail replacement cost of each item.

Sims Library will take its collection on the road, bringing all the library services of its downtown location to all areas of town. Barbara Claspell and Jen Graf give the details in this episode of the Waxahachie 360 podcast.

Marshall Hinsley: Graf says the bookmobile will be active throughout the week, bringing to all areas of town, its collection of more than 5,000 books along with high-speed internet access and everything else that you would expect from a brick and mortar branch.

After putting the documents into Shred-it's locked containers, they enter our Secure Chain of Custody. From collection at your site, by one of our Certified Information Security Professionals, to shredding your documents at one of our secured facilities, we protect your information every step of the way.

Return-It Electronics accepts cell phones as part of the province-wide electronics recycling program. You can drop off any of the regulated products at designated collection sites and be assured they will be recycled responsibly.

Environmental Handling Fees (EHFs) reflect the cost of recycling the item you are purchasing. The collection of EHFs funds the recycling program, including depot operation, shipping and storage of collected electronics, and public education. For a complete list of the different Environmental Handling Fees charged on electronics, visit the Return-It website.

This DVD is a challenging collection of calorie-burning aerobic, toning, stretching and balancing exercises done to lively music. With lots of helpful hints on how to adapt the exercises to suit you, this total body workout is a great way to improve your overall fitness, tone, strength and balance.

Availability: Seen on Disney's DTV series of music video collections released in the period. The variant can be seen on the 1985 Pinocchio sales pitch promotional video and the 1985 video release of Disney's Mousercise.


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