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Idle Lumber Inc: A Fun and Addictive Idle Simulation Game

Idle Lumber Inc. is a management simulation game created by NoPowerup. In this game, you can build your own lumber empire and become a lumber tycoon! Start small by running a sawmill and hiring some workers. You can expand your factory by upgrading your tools, employees, and managers. Harvest trees sustainably by hiring tree planters, purchase more lands to grow forests. Train your lumberjacks to become skilled workers so they can harvest logs even more efficiently. Run marketing campaigns to attract new clients, process orders efficiently to earn the most profits. There are many things you can do in Idle Lumber Inc. to build the biggest lumber empire. Go ahead and jump into the number one lumber tycoon game!

idle lumber inc


Idle Lumber Inc Online is yet another amazing idle business and management game online that we recommend mostly to boys since they must be interested the most in the world of lumberjacks and cutting down wood, but girls are invited too, as everyone can have simply an amazing time building something from scratch!\r\n\r\nLet's work our hardest at Idle Lumber Inc Online!\r\n\r\nHire workers to cut down the logs, put them in trucks, and then acquire trains to transport them to where they are needed, where you will sell them for profit, which will allow you to hire even more workers, put more trains on the tracks, and add new tools and facilities that make work go smoothly, and the money keeps coming in.\r\n\r\nExpand your territory as well, as you can buy new plots of land with more trees to cut down, and make sure to always put the trees back into place by planting the seeds, and when they grow, you will once again make money. Everything you do you will use the mouse for, and you simply need to follow your business instincts.\r\n\r\nNow that you've understood, start right now, and maybe invite your friends along to play the game as well, they might not have known about it!\r\n","inLanguage":["English"],"datePublished":"2023-02-26 05:00:00","publisher":"","operatingSystem":"Windows, Linux, MacOS, any, Android, iOS","offers":"@type":"Offer","category":"free","price":"0","priceCurrency":"EUR","availability":"https:\/\/\/InStock","aggregateRating":"@type":"AggregateRating","bestRating":"100","worstRating":"0","ratingValue":"83","ratingCount":"46","itemReviewed":"@type":"Thing","name":"Idle Lumber Inc Online"} (function(w,d,s,l,i)w[l]=w[l])(window,document,'script','dataLayer','GTM-KM3K2N6');var WgFlashEmulator = true;Game Developers Install as App New Game LibrarySections

Idle Lumber Inc Online is yet another amazing idle business and management game online that we recommend mostly to boys since they must be interested the most in the world of lumberjacks and cutting down wood, but girls are invited too, as everyone can have simply an amazing time building something from scratch!

Before we were just a simple man with a simple life but then we discovered Lumber Inc. We suddenly had more feeling and realized we were a boring person but now we were striving to become better. We are now a billionaire and have an amazing wife whom we hold dear. That is why you should also get lumber inc.

This game is absolutely awesome and really fun for an idle game, with cool goals and its something that is affordable if you want to spend money. You can still play it for free (in theory). HOWEVER, The ads dont actually give you the bonuses or rewards that are promised and they just keep running themselves so you have to close out the game and reload until you get an ad of that actually works with the app. We kept it for 24 hours to see if maybe it was just a bad batch, but it was most of the ads. Support is not in app and there is no FAQ to address it or report it. Not worth the download and its quite disappointing because the game was pretty cool.

Gamers beware if you play this app and do in app purchases. We installed this app and was having so much fun with 1 minor issue on 2nd day. We needed to switch devices to keep playing the game so we went from our iPhone to iPad with everything binded through apple ID, Facebook and Instagram. Saw an issue where our profile name was wrong went to fix it again and when we fixed it, there was still errors we said maybe it was a syncing error. We went back to our iPhone and saw our character name was spelt wrong so we had to spend 150 gems to change name again! Continued playing and spent more placing on top 10 first event and top 20 following events. Now last night with 8 hours to go till event ended we were rank #18, had unlocked super managers and managers through packages such as lumber pass and vip no ads. We switched devices and all our progress and purchases was gone despite having our account binded, we immediately went back to our phone after seeing that syncing issue thinking it will take time for it to update there and couldnt afford to lose time when going for top #10 on event. Our progress was also gone on original device in less than 2 minutes on same device! We contacted support through in game and after almost 12 hours started to get past the generic scripts to an actual person we assume. They told us they cant restore our progress and that they would get us back our items we have purchased all we had to do was force close app and start it back up again and look at settings icon for red ! Did that even restarted devices several time nothing. Even the restore purchases doesnt work in the game. So take this experience and be very careful play at your own risk this game has bugs and you will not even get your missing purchases, rewards or progress. Since this was the worst we have ever seen from an or app developer we gave this app 1* and have contacted Apple for assistance. We will never play this game or any apps developed by this app developer again. Scam us once shame on you! There will be no twice!

Game is great; addicted to playing! Just wish it didnt take so long to upgrade factories between idle and play time. Also, really wish they would shorten the time significantly between events end time and new start times! A whole day in between is a lot of waiting!

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The game quality is good, but the game design is pretty crappy. The whole objective of the game is to make in game money but then they let you watch an add to make make money! Just defeats the whole purpose of the game. But the biggest complaint we have with the game design is that you make money every step of the way in the lumber production process, which is totally in realistic, instead of just making money when you deliver your lumber to customers. We know they did this, so they can justify needing to upgrade certain things and getting managers in upgrading the managers which are all ad revenue drivers. So basically theyve added this unrealistic dumb dynamic to the game just to incentivize you to watch adds. Dear game designer, we would rather be forced to watch an ad every five minutes, then to have the game design water down to facilitate user imitated add.

Answer from: LoboIf you tap on any part of any of the forests, you get the same pop-up window showing your lumberjacks and planters. At the top of that window are 2 icons, a person and a tree. Tap on the tree and it will give you the option to buy more forests.

Here's a really cool idle sim, Idle Lumber: Business Empire, or Lumber Inc as it is also known. In the game you run a logging empire completing orders from start to finish. Planting new trees to delivering logs. Check out below our top Lumber Inc cheats and tips. If you are particularly stuck then post a question!

Until you have unlocked automation. Try to keep your vehicles moving, look out for the vehicle icon in the bottom left of the screen and if that pops up, then usually it means there is a vehicle that is idle, tap it to be taken to the idle vehicle to get it working again.

It's easy to forget your workers, as there is not an on-screen icon to see them, you have to scroll over to your forest to where your lumberjacks are click that area. Here you can upgrade and unlock more workers, and also purchase more forests.

Mod V1 features:MOD, Unlimited MoneyIdle Lumber Empire is an exciting game that allows players to experience the joys of being a successful lumber mill owner.In the game, your goal is to cut down trees, process the wood, and sell it for a profit.As you progress, you can upgrade your equipment and hire more staff to maximize your profits.The MOD version makes the game even more enjoyable by providing unlimited money, allowing you to purchase anything you need without worrying about finances.With its simple gameplay and stunning graphics, Idle Lumber Empire is a must-have game for anyone who loves the thrill of building a successful business.Download it today and start your journey to becoming a lumber tycoon.

Our company is located in the Northern Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania, our five production facilities generate the finest hardwood timber available in North America. We pride ourselves in producing kiln-dried lumber, strips, dimensions, Glulam Curtain wall Beams, thermally-modified lumber and much more.

Lumber Inc is an addictive idle game where you can build a profitable lumber business and grow it into a thriving empire. The path to success begins with a small sawmill. Work hard, establish effective management, invest profits wisely in improving technology and expanding the business. Buy new equipment and vehicles for transporting products, improve the skills of lumberjack workers, purchase land and grow your own forest so as not to experience an acute shortage of wood. Building a logging empire is in your hands!

The video ad for this game is a complete lie. The game is nothing like it. If the developer is so deceptive on the ad, how deceptive do you think the game will be. The game is boring and nothing but repetitive. Every mill upgrade reduces your progress. After a few mill upgrades, money doesn't matter but ads are the only way to progress. Ad system just hangs on certain ads. This is not an idle game. The game timer does not progress while watching ads or even when in an event.


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