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Yemelyan Fomichev

[S3E11] Nikki Heat

Stacey and Greta were conning clients because Stacey felt guilty for matching up these clients with women whom they would leave without a penny. Greta refuses to give Beckett the names of the other clients, but Nikki Heat (Natalie) manages to get Greta to talk. Scott Donner, a client who was caught cheating, killed Stacey after confronting her about some incriminating photos of his infidelity. Donner threatens to kill himself by putting a gun to his head. All seems lost when Natalie as Nikki Heat steps in, giving the performance of a lifetime (while acting out dialogue from the movie script) and manages to talk Donner out of committing suicide.

[S3E11] Nikki Heat


So with help from Marc and Amanda, albeit reluctant, Betty does gets some good tips, even after Marc and Amanda abandon her at a local bar, where she succeeds, despite passing on helping Hilda again that same evening, leaving Hilda disappointed. Things go from bad to worse when she encounters Teri O'Shaughnessy (guest star Nikki Blonsky), an assistant at ELLE magazine, just as the long-running Mode/ELLE rivalry heats up. As Betty and Teri exchange cards, the two made small talk about each other and apparently became friends and each other's confidant about what they think of the uppity rules of networking, but when Betty went to the bathroom Teri eyes her Blackberry that was left on the table and managed to scoop enough info for ELLE. 041b061a72


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