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Yemelyan Fomichev
Yemelyan Fomichev

Ladyboys Black

Thailand's notorious red light districts have burst back into life just 10 days after the nation's king died - with raunchy sex workers paying tribute by wearing skimpy black MAID'S outfits.

ladyboys black

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But just over a week after the king died, hundreds of prostitutes lined the streets wearing black mini dresses, maids costumes, black boots, black suspenders and black gartars in their own unique mark of respect.

While just a mile away on Soi 4 near the infamous Nana Plaza - home to dozens of strip clubs - hundreds of girls and transgender sex workers - known as ladyboys in Thailand - in ''respectful'' thigh-high black boots and black dresses flooded onto the pavements outside to ''make up for lost money''. 041b061a72


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