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The newest from the Bob's Burgers team has the same family situational comedy and dry humor we've come to know from them. The Alaskan setting and quirky characters add a different flavor to The Great North. That being said there are some funny episodes like when Beef thinks his ex-wife was killed by a bear when in fact she just moved to Pennsylvania. This is one of the milder entries on this list when it comes to being family-friendly, so it could make an enjoyable watch for the family.

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Updated on December 20th, 2022 by Gabriela Delgado: Streaming services have allowed filmmakers and showrunners to push the limits of censorship, letting them explore themes like sexuality and gender with more depth and realism than network TV. Netflix, in particular, supplies its subscribers with one of the lengthiest catalogs of steamy content on the internet. This list has been updated to include more of Netflix's mature and provocative TV series.

As its name suggests, Dark Desire is one of Netflix's most sensual and mature entries, with plenty of erotic scenes sprinkled in between plot twists. When the series' first season premiered in 2020, it gained over 35 million views in less than a month and became the streaming service's most-watched non-English show at the time.

Daren Colbert is a writer and filmmaker from Missouri who's just trying to do his best. When he's not writing or making films, you can find him napping or watching a movie. Sometimes both. Okay, usually both. His work has been published or is forthcoming in Moon City Review, superfroot magazine, Puerto del Sol, and elsewhere. He's on a quest for the perfect mango, so if you have any information that could help, please let him know.

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The level of violence against women illustrated in this series is very extreme and may not be appropriate for most underage viewers. It is so extreme and violent even adults may have a hard time watching it all. This is more than just fanservice nonsensical crap like attacks that strip clothes off of girls as women suffer violent deaths or mutilations or even sexual assaults. There is virtually no extreme it will not reach against women or measuring bar it will not rise past. This is one of the most violent series I have ever seen and shows some of the most and bloodiest, goriest, and sickest deaths. It is probably the most brutally violent and extreme parade of assaults and violence against women in general ever put in anime films.

Highschool of the dead has some pretty mature themes such as non consentual type sex and extreme violence. One of the teachers is a super pervert who exploits scared students in not so teacherly ways yet proves he is too self centered and selfish to ever guarantee anyone else's safety let alone even help their chances. There is basically scenes of child on child violence even if they are supposedly undead it might be too much for some viewers so be warned.

DxD has among it's cast of characters the all time most perverted character I ever saw. His whole world revolves around women's bodies, women body parts, and states of dress or undress. He openly talks about the most perverse things through out the series and often finds himself in rather mature sexually suggestive situations. Be warned this series also has nudity or scenes very close and suggestive to that at the very least. Some of the other shows on this list might have more nudity but I hope the descriptions are more than enough to suggest that. DxD is a tad toned down from other shows higher up but not by much.

Total Eclipse features some of the most gruesome, gory, and graphic destruction, violence, and death ever seen in an anime. Freezing is really about the only anime I've seen that has more of that particular brand of mature rating material. Do be warned because younger children especially will likely have nightmares. There are giant monsters in enormous numbers that rip people apart and eat them and quite a bit of those details are shown. On a lesser note, there are some scenes of bias, racism, and bullying that won't sit well with some parents or children either, but to be fair, those elements are part of the story that builds the drama and the need to unite.

The entire Danganronpa series involves underage students killing each other or dying ala Saw type tactics and traps or more direct murder. It is not a show for everyone and I highly recommend not for anyone below driving age if even that is old enough. Some scenes maybe hard to watch and this is mostly due to the age of the characters and victims of extreme violence. Violence in this series is well above average and almost to the level of actual violent crimes. At the very least, it is more than enough to remind past victims of such things just how horrifying the experiences were.

This series is almost hentai and it's been suggested as such by several reviews I've seen already. It features sexual situations, nudity, sexual suggestion, and at least hints sexual activity. It's about two horn dogs in a fantasy world who though quite capable against enemies are primarily focused on making out with females of various species then posting reviews of their analysis for others to read while getting paid to write the reviews that happen to be very popular. It's not a bad story or setting however, I wouldn't recommend younger audiences to watch it. 041b061a72


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