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Yemelyan Fomichev
Yemelyan Fomichev

Innocent Witches

This adventure game involves solving lots of puzzles and mini-games in a fantasy setting, where our quest will be to meet a large number of witches and really get to know them. We will move around all kinds of places, such as dungeons, enchanted forests, castles, and palaces, as we talk to other characters who will set us challenges to solve, which will allow us to progress in the game. In fact, there are so many witches (and wizards) because the game is based on the Harry Potter adventures, with its characters and the most famous school of magic in literature.

Innocent Witches

You can explore the world in game and there are almost no limitations. You can interact with all the characters and things. You can have sexual interactions with beautiful witches. There are many places in the game that you can go and find stuff to continue playing.

You can use magic as well. You can have battles with other witches or wizards or use different spells to do what you want. If you are a harry potter fan, you will either love the story or you will hate it. 041b061a72


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